Eye drop surgery

Dropping of the eyelid is manifested by unilateral or bilateral drooping of the eyelids and partial covering of the eyeball and consists in an incorrectly low position of the upper eyelid. In the event of an eyelid drooping with the pupil obscured, the field of view is significantly reduced. The causes of drooping eyelids can be congenital or acquired (including neurological, senile, and postoperative).

The eyelid droop treatment offered in our clinic consists in shortening the levator muscle. The eyelid droop operation is performed through the skin. The operation of drooping the eyelid is performed under local anesthesia, the duration of the procedure is approximately 1 hour. Healing period is approximately one week. After the surgery for drooping the eyelid, the eyelid easily opens and closes the eye, and its shape does not differ from the eyelid not affected by the disease

Eyelid tuck or unroll surgery

The most common cause of eyelid tuck-up and unrolling are senile changes leading to eyelid muscle weakness and atrophy of the eyelid and eyelid ligaments. Other causes that cause the tuck in and out of the eyelid include facial nerve palsy, trauma, scarring, and birth defects. If left untreated, the eyelid tilting and tilting leads to conjunctivitis, corneal ulceration and, as a result, severe damage to the eyeball with significant visual impairment.

The surgical procedures for tilting or unrolling the eyelid offered in our Clinic consist in stabilizing the eyelid shield and ligaments. Surgical incision in the case of tuck or unroll surgery is located along the lower eyelid. The eyelid tuck or unroll procedure is performed under local anesthesia. The duration of the procedure is approx. 40 minutes. The healing period after tuck in and out of the eyelid is 10 days. The proposed surgery for tuck-in and unrolling the eyelid is possible even after other eyelid stabilizing treatments performed several times before.

Non-invasive eyelid lifting

As the years go by, the skin around the eyes changes. It loses its natural elasticity and elasticity. Once beautiful, natural eyes get smaller and smaller with age, the skin around them darker and more wrinkled. Our gaze does not arouse such admiration as it used to be. And although we will not stop time, there is an intelligent solution that restores eye attractiveness, youthful appearance and self-confidence – it is a non-invasive eyelid lifting using IQ Plasma.

This device produces a controlled micro plasma beam by ionizing the gases contained in the air. Plasma is formed between the tip of the device and the patient’s skin due to a small arc, which in a controlled manner is able to sublimate the epidermis and contract the skin at the site of its operation, resulting in the lifting of the eyelid. It works pointwise without undue influence on the surrounding healthy tissues.

The non-invasive eyelid lifting treatment using the Plasma IQ device is:

  • Non-invasive – recommended for people who do not want to undergo surgery (blepharoplasty),
  • Precise – the micro plasma beam works only within the epidermis without damaging the skin,
  • Giving immediate effect – effects visible after the first treatment,
  • Safe – does not require anesthesia, safe for people with pacemakers and other patients for whom treatments with the use of electricity are contraindicated,
  • Comfortable – does not require exclusion from everyday activities.